Love: The New Currency

Love: The New Currency


By Synolve Craft

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Love: The New Currency is a captivating and motivational read that will jump start you into positive action. The stories in the book come alive and warm your heart and soul. They make you remember who you are and remind you of who you want to be. Included in the book are tips to help you find your giving center once again. For many, this body of work is more than just a book, it is a movement. Join the movement today by “gifting” a book to a friend or multiple books to your favorite charity or organization. If you use any of the tips in the book, especially from “The Power of One” section or if any of the stories Synolve shared encouraged or inspired you, please drop her a line and send testimonials, pictures, and videos to Be sure to purchase the accompanying Love Journal and the Love Currency Gift Cards to aid you in your journey as you spread love in your community and around the world.

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