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Thanks for supporting my dream…

Sometimes, I use affiliate links from Advertisers or partners such as Amazon or others to share products or services. When I use my affiliate links or affiliate codes, you may or may not receive a small discount, depending on the partner. Also, I have an opportunity to make a small commission from these products which helps me to continue sharing via my blog, website, Instagram, Facebook or other outlets. It also helps me to continue doing ministry and sharing with all of you at LIVE events.

Additionally, I share reviews of products, places, businesses, events, or services. My opinions are my own. I choose the brands that I work with and these are brands that I absolutely love. No one can buy my opinions. They are my own. I only want to bring to you the absolute BEST! If I do not feel a review fits that category, then I won't share it with you.

Brands & Advertisers:

Should the opportunity arise for us to work together, please know that I will provide my honest review. My opinions are my own. I won't share something with my Beautiful Gems that I would not share with my own husband, children, and family.