IT'S ALL ABOUT THAT (BASS) SHOE BOUT THAT SHOE!!! (tips & tricks to manifesting)


Sing it with me now! It's ALL about that shoe! Bout that shoe!!! Yes, today's blog post is brought to you by SHOES! LOL...

Have you ever felt like you have the PERFECT SHOE COLLECTION? I feel like my shoe collection is FINALLY coming together, especially my sneaker collection! My latest addition is a pair of PINK Steve Madden Embellished sneakers that look more like heels in a sneaker because they are just sooo beautiful!! I actually spotted a couple of months ago during the $20 Burlington Ballin On A Budget Challenge that I hosted on YouTube! I didn't actually buy these pink lovelies during the challenge, but I SAW THEM! Although they were the last pair and I was really trying to be "good" and honest during the challenge that I issued on YouTube to buy something from Burlington or your favorite store for a budget of only $20! That day I walked out with another pair of sneakers that are great for the winter when I issued the challenge. However, these PINK Lovelies did a little wink at me like, "Hey, I got you boo! We'll be together soon!" as I walked out of the store with gray pair of Embellished Steve Madden shoes.

Several Weeks Later on another visit to Burlington several weeks later, I finally hauled my PINKs as I call them!!! I immediately went into the store almost afraid that they wouldn't be there only to realize that they were there waiting for me! The music began to play in my mind as if on cue: "REUNITED AND IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD!" AND when I looked at the price tag, a red sticker had replaced the original tag and they had been reduced DRASTICALLY! Look at GOD! lol! I only paid $15 for them!

ENVISIONING (VISIONING): My Spiritual Practice

One of the manifestation tricks that I use to call things forth into my reality is to vision myself already having the thing that I desire and acting "AS IF" I already have it. I did this with these shoes without even realizing it. I would dream about wearing these shoes when I went to bed at night. During the day, I would imagine myself wearing them and imagine just how good they would feel on my feet. I would even picture myself pairing them with certain outfits! It really became fun - just like a game I was playing!

How do you call "those things that be not as though they were?" Any special tips or tricks?

If so, leave them in the comments below!



P.S. At the time when I first saw them, I was afraid to get them because they were pink and I thought they might be tough to keep clean. You might notice a few spots on them in the first photo above, but they are really easy to clean!!. What was I worried about! All I had to do was use a damp wash cloth and gentle soap and the spots came right out!