Bold Shoes: The SASSY SAS Yellow Sandal


Hi Beautiful Gems:

Have you ever gotten up in the morning and wanted to wear a particular pair of shoes? I mean you have EVERY intention of putting on clothes BUT your entire focus is on those beautiful shoes you just got! That happened to me the other day. I decided to organize my shoes (another blog post entirely) and I remembered the shoes that hubby bought me for Mother's Day! As soon as I saw the YELLOW Shelly Slip on leather sandals by SAS, I knew I was going on a date with my feet and those GORGEOUS shoes!!! 

Shoes are a girls best friend...

They say diamonds are, but anyone who has ever worn a too tight, too big, too pointy, too wide, too narrow, too cute (but obviously not for wearing) pair of shoes KNOWS exactly what I'm talking about! The quickest route to your soul (notice the play on words is your shoes! Try on a pair that really feel like you are riding on the wind like the Shelly SAS and I promise they will caress your soul! Try them and let me know! There's an SAS location here in Memphis on Park near the University of Memphis and one in Germantown!

We actually caught these babies on sale at the SAS store in Jackson, TN. Hubby and I took a short day trip to Jackson in our new Buick Encore. As soon as he saw the shoes, he commanded me to obey with a loving voice, "GET TWO PAIR!" The saleslady looked at me and I looked at her and we just sorta skipped, glided, hopped, and danced to the register all in one spin and a loopy loo! It was definitely a Twist & Shout moment for the record books! I did leave behind a sweet gold pair, but I digress. AND I AM immensely grateful to have such a loving KIND sweet hubby! A man that takes care of your feet is a man that will take care of your soul.

Today, when I stepped into the Shelly's by SAS I was immediately swept away to our day trip in Jackson, TN. We visited a winery with a scenic orchard and TN whiskey maker. BAE & I also had lunch and stopped at the Tina Turner Museum on the way home! But the pièce de résistance was my visit to SAS Shoes!

The Shoes:

They feel sooo good! They are ergonomic and have a soft inner sole and soul (But that's just my opinion). The entire shoes feels like you're floating on a cloud (Did I mention that the whole entire shoe feels like you're floating on a cloud? I even have feet anymore? I don't know! I can't feel them!!!) These shoes are soo comfortable, relaxing, and sexy! Wearing a pair is truly a spiritual experience! You'll definitely feel more connected and aligned spiritually and physically with a well-designed hand crafted pair of shoes cuddling your feet. AND they come in so many colors! I chose the yellow because I AM completely captivated by the color and YELLOW is such a great color for Spring & Summer - actually anytime of year. You may remember from my Brahmin Post that Me & Mrs. Yellow have a thing going on...

Visit SAS Shoes for the complete specs:

If you see me out and about with my new friends The SAS Yellow Shelly's, be sure to say Hello!



P.S. (Hubby bought my shoes. I love me some him.)

Me and my Yellow Shoes_67214849.JPG