For the Love of Brahmin | Daisy Saffron Melbourne Wallet

Daisy Saffron Melbourne Wallet

Beautiful Gems:

Many of you know from my recents posts on Instagram and Facebook as well as my YouTube video that I have a new PURSE CRUSH and that is BRAHMIN!!! Yes, I think I'm in LOVE! I haven't felt this way about a handbag since I fell in love with COACH. I'm a longtime lover of Wilson's Leather handbags. Now, I can add BRAHMIN to my LOVE COLLECTION!


Truly, it was love at first sight! I saw this little yellow wallet just sitting there near the shop window and it literally took my breath away! I couldn't stop holding it! We danced together to the store music as the rain fell gently against the window pane. Each night, I go to sleep dreaming about this little yellow ray of beauty and each morning I wake to thoughts of how I can incorporate her into my day. I can even be caught daydreaming of how to pair this yellow droplet from the sun with pieces in my wardrobe. Literally, every outfit in my closet would be enhanced by this beauty!



The Specs:

According to official Brahmin website, the specs are as follows:

The Daisy Wallet is a trim rectangular style that you can wear as a wristlet or tuck into a larger bag. An interior zip pocket holds your change and allows you to keep every last inch organized.

  • Zip top
  • Removable wristlet strap
  • Interior zip pocket
  • 5.5" wristlet drop

I would definitely classify this as more of a wristlet or small wallet. It's great to carry on the go! It's large enough to fit credit cards, lipstick, and even an iPhone 8 Plus (Hint Hint) I'm just saying it's perfect!!! It's only $95. If you Join the Brahmin Email List on the website or in-store, you'll receive 10% off your purchase. 

Also, this weekend starting June 1-3, Brahmin is hosting a GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION!!! You can RSVP for the special event on Facebook which is June 1 from 10-2 pm! I'll be there!!!

Just look for me! I'll be stalking the Daisy Saffron Melbourne Wallet along with all of the other GORGEOUS GOODIES AT BRAHMIN! 

Meet you there!




P.S. This post is not sponsored. I do not own the Daisy Saffron Melbourne Wallet. I am simply lusting after it for now and saving my coins! Hubby says I can't purchase another purse until I get rid of some of my old ones....This is where we'll pick up in our next blog time together!! Well, that or the FUN I plan to have at the grand opening!!!