Limo Studio Light Kit | Lighting Is EVERYTHING!



One of the things that I believe really amps up the quality of your YouTube Video quality is lighting! I truly believe that lighting and really good equipment can take you from being an amateur videographer to a budding professional! For my videos, I only use the BEST! Hubby actually insisted that I have lights when I really got serious about YouTube and he purchased me two light photography softboxes from Limo Studios on Amazon. They came in a kit and really make the difference in the quality of my videos. Recently, we accidentally broke on of the lights and had to replace it. Ooopsies! So, I just ordered a replacement bulb on Amazon using Prime for just $27 for two! This is a really great price! They are DAY lights and put off a really natural light so that I truly look beautiful! My videos look gorgeous and professional! I'm really loving these lights from Limo Studios! 

I did have a little mishap with my lights in the beginning. One of the lights arrived with a small pea size tear on the cloth covering the lightbox. I contacted Limo and they gave me a discount off the original price! They responded quickly and professionally to my concern! They were happy to answer any questions as well! Overall, purchasing from Limo Studios was a great experience!!

Here's how you can order the same lightbox kit that I have by simply clicking the Amazon links below:

1. LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit Photo Equipment Soft Studio Light Softbox 24"X24", AGG814

by LimoStudio

$61.50 for a set of two softboxes, 2 bulbs, and a carrying bag comes in the kit

2. Replacement Bulbs:

Fovitec StudioPRO - 2x 85 Watt Daylight Fluorescent Light Bulb - [2 Pack][85W][5500K][CFL][Full Spectrum]

$27.95 for a set of two