College Dorm Room Essentials | Plates, Bowls, Forks & Spoons

Cambridge plastic plates.jpeg

Hi Beautiful GEMS:

In addition to needing bedding, towels, blankets, pillows, a parking pass and books, college students also need plates and bowls to warm up food in the microwave or to store food in their mini-fridge. A hot bowl of soup instantly brings back memories of home on those chilly days when students have lots of homework or it's snowy weather or just days when they don't feel like heading to the Dinner Hall to eat with hoards of chatty college stressed college students. Preparing your college student also means having those simple comforts of home like a spoon or a bowl or plate to warm up pizza or popcorn while staying up all night studying for mid-terms or finalizing a 6-8 page book review! 

Here are a few links of things I've purchased for my two college students:

1. US Acrylic, LLC Cambridge Plastic Plate, Bowl and Tumbler Dinnerware | 12-piece set Blue

2. Gibson Sensations Stainless Steel 16-Piece Flatware Set Black

Gibson Sensations Stainless Steel 16-Piece Flatware Set Black.jpg