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I'm trying these IMPRESS NAILS for the first time in preparation for NEW YEAR'S Eve and New Year's Day! We generally have some good food and bubbly and spend time with our family. (Jesus turned water into wine...just sayin...) lols...My kids have apple juice and sparkling ciders or Welches. Thank you very much. so, I'm sharing my holiday GRWM behind the scenes preparation. Yesterday, I did my makeup to get some ideas. Be Sure to Check Out my GRWM Video! I'll leave a link below! This time it's my nails! I LOVE these Nails by IMPRess that I bought at my local WalMart!!! I'm really impressed!!! (excuse the pun!) imPress has a lot of styles and color options and it's so easy! These nails don't require any GLUE!! HALLELUJAH!!!
Ohhhh, by the way this video is NOT sponsored. I purchased these as always with hubby's

I bought these on sale, but I did go out and research to find a link of the brand so you guys could grab them if you want some:
KISS imPRESS "BELLS & WHISTLES" MATTE Press-On Color Nails by Broadway

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