Coconut Oil: Why I love You | My Wash Day Regimen

Coconut Oil...You Make My Hair Feel Ohhhh So Gooood...

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Strong Beautiful Hair

I began my natural hair journey with my hair in tatters. I went to a beauty shop to get my hair redone after a bad experience at the salon. The second salon stylist colored my hair and literally, I walked away from the salon with green hair (I wanted it to be black by the way...) and much of my hair falling out into my hands before I got to my car. I had started the natural process a little over a year prior because my daughter's doctor said that she had perm induced eczema and advised that she stop using perms.  I wanted to support her. But my hair is quite thick and I was unsuccessful in my first attempt to go natural long-term. Even after this experience, I permed my hair and eventually wore a weave for a while. My hair was constantly breaking and I had several lengths of hair and lots of heat damage because my hair did not like heat. So, I sat in front of my bathroom mirror and picked up my scissors and began to cut with my hubby Milton AKA BAE cheering me on!!! 

It was around this time that I discovered COCONUT OIL! MY HAIR LOVES IT! I oil my scalp regularly and has grown from my rough chop little natural to shoulder length hair. The best part is that my hair is HEALTHY and STRONG! After all of the perms, harsh chemicals from coloring my gray, and heat from straightening, my hair was brittle and breaking. Now, it is soft, manageable, curly, and truly beautiful! I owe it all to Coconut Oil! I use the refined coconut oil that I found on Amazon which I will link below. I'm out so this time when I buy it (as soon as I get done writing this post), I'm going to get the BIG DADDY Gallon bucket. Last year, I bought the 54-ounce container. It lasted a year! But the larger container will allow me to split it up and cook with it as well as do other things too! Coconut Oil has so many benefits! It's good for your hair, skin, nails, lips, dry feet and elbows as well as and your body to eat when cooking! It is packed with vitamins and minerals! It grows naturally and is an ORGANIC SUPERFOOD APPROVED BY THE FDA as organic! I use the refined coconut oil because my hubby doesn't really like the scent of the coconut oil that you can buy in stores. The Refined Coconut Oil is non-scented and it doesn't mix with the natural oils or other perfumes that you might use. I'll link both: the refined and regular! You be the judge!

Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil, Refined, 1 Gallon by Nutiva

Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 15 Ounce

Oh, and if you'd like to see my wash day routine, here's a link to watch on YouTube!


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