Welcome Beautiful Gems

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Hello November! Hello Fall!

With November & Fall come so many changes. The leaves, the weather, our clothes, our hair, even our skincare regimens and the foods we eat begin to shift. Warm drinks like hot chocolates and apple ciders mixed with our favorite cozy blanket and a cute knit hat quietly replace tank tops, flip flops, and iced tea. Did I say iced tea? OK, skip that...I'm from the South so we drink iced tea all year round, but you get the picture. Let me be your tour guide to all of the seasons beginning with Fall. Together, we will explore thrifting & fashion, DIYs, food, inspiration, and all of the things that make us the amazing wonderful unique Beautiful Gems that we are created to be!

I wanted to WELCOME in the Fall season and you my very special guest so I created a sign for my front door. The sign has only 7 letters that spell the word WELCOME, but  as my special guest I hope you feel the love that BAE & I poured into it and into this blog which is your new home away from home. You are welcome anytime. By all means, invite your friends and family.

The sign was made from simple materials from Lowe's Home Improvement Center and Dollar Tree. The boards were fence boards that cost a little over $2 each. I used appliqués from Dollar Tree and some paint that I already had from other projects. I also added two lighted pumpkins that I just had to GLAM UP with a little silver spray paint & glitter! The sign turned out perfectly although I did try make the color gray mixing black and white paint for the first time! I plan to use the sign multiple times throughout the year and change it as the seasons shift. I can totally do that just by moving around the appliqués from Dollar Tree or adding new ones depending on the holidays. I already have plans to move the turkeys around from the bottom closer to the top for Thanksgiving since Halloween has passed. Also, I've already bought some new appliqués from Dollar Tree for Christmas that I plan to add after Thanksgiving! This sign just keeps on giving!

You'll want to check out the YouTube video on the Welcome Sign DIY! I had a blast making it! Plus, I absolutely love bringing you guys along with me for the journey!


Enjoy! I hope this will inspire you to make your own Welcome Sign! If you do, be sure to send me a picture of your creation!

Happy Fall Beautiful Gems! Welcome to Our Amazing Family!



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