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Synolve Craft  Editor & Publisher of Synolve & Beautiful Gems

Synolve Craft

Editor & Publisher of Synolve & Beautiful Gems


It all started when...

"When I became a stay-at-home Mom, I realized that I needed to stretch our family's budget. There's no better way to do that than repurposing family heirlooms, diy-ing curbside finds, visiting thrift stores regularly, and shopping on a budget. I'm not the only one with a gift for being thrifty in my family. My husband and two children are budget conscious as well...sometimes much better than I am. Every once in a while, they join in for some diy or thrifting fun. I love to live my faith and share my Beautiful Gems with friends." ~Synolve


More about me...

In addition, to being an avid thrifter and diy-er, I am the Editor & Publisher of Synolve.com and my YouTube/Vlog Channel Synolve Beautiful Gems. I am also a seminary student, wife, and mother of two really awesome individuals. I loves to teach, write faith devotions and studies, as well as preach. I find it enlightening and very therapeutic to share snippets of my life including my natural hair journey to hanging out with my hubby and family as well as my daily joys and struggles. It's my pleasure and passion to share a little inspiration for your journey. I truly get a kick out of sharing my amazing Beautiful Gems with you whether new, thrifted, gifted, found, re-used, upcycled, or diy-ed.